Welcome to Xstek

Xstek is an advanced and professionally managed transcription company providing highest quality medical, medico-legal, business and general transcription services. Commitment to providing quality services and the use and innovation of advanced digital technology is the key to our success. Whether you are an individual practitioner, a small or large medical group, medico-legal consultant or an NHS entity, we have custom solutions that would fit your specific needs

Why Xstek


Xstek is a global transcription service provider offering medical, medico-legal, business and academic transcription services.


Best quality standard as per AAMT guidelines at 98% plus with the help of highly trained HR and latest versions of medical, English and drugs dictionaries


State-of-the-art web-based Workflow Management System compatible with all latest Windows and Mac platforms, all commonly used browsers and ios and Android smartphones.


Highest degree of patients record confidentiality according to HIPAA compliance using secure data processing and workflow systems