Xstek is an advanced and professionally managed transcription company providing highest quality medical, medico-legal, business and general transcription services. Commitment to providing quality services and the use and innovation of advanced digital technology is the key to our success. Whether you are an individual practitioner, a small or large medical group, medico-legal consultant or an NHS entity, we have custom solutions that would fit your specific needs.

We offer complete flexibility when it comes to using our services. Our workflow management system can accept a wide range of file formats that can be easily transferred from your PC or Mac, hand-held dictation recorder, tablet or mobile phone direct to our server. You can upload files from a digital recorder straight to our server through Xstek website or use our innovative and accessible mobile app that securely transfers your data directly to us. Our strict Data Protection policy provides assurance that your files are in safe hands.

Our services offer you tremendous value, ranging from eliminating HR problems, reducing overhead costs, faster billing cycles and improved cash flow. All this is possible because we employ the best industry practices.

With our state-of-the-art Workflow Management System and a team of high calibre dedicated HR, Xstek is able to provide cost-effective transcription solutions that meet the standards of accuracy and turnaround time.